Post Workout Habit

When I have a good workout, I know I am definitely going to feel the effects later on…

In saying that, wanted to share with those who don’t know about the process that goes on AFTER a workout and what you should do…

Anytime you do a workout that puts stress on your muscles, you get within a 48 hour period, muscles soreness a.k.a D.O.M.S (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). You have basically put your muscle anatomy through a tearing and repairing stage. The tearing of the muscle tissue is a natural process, thus why you feel soreness. Stretching or any other kind of method will NOT eliminate soreness, it may help ease it a bit, but some think it will keep soreness from happening. FALSE.
In order for your muscles to REPAIR & BUILD, what you feed it nutritionally is imperative. PROTEIN is a great friend of the muscle through this tearing/repairing process. To regain energy back in your body, it will need good carb sources as well.
What your body has lost (nutrient wise) through your workout routine, it needs to be replenished in order to progress. Otherwise, you will be left feeling lethargic.
Good sources of protein need to be replenished within a 30 minute window (or sooner) AFTER your workout since that is when your body is quenching the need the most. Waiting anytime longer than that defeats the purpose.
Some may choose to eat their protein/carb source after a workout, others choose to drink it- Although drinking your source has been known to get to your muscles quicker due to the digestive timing vs eating. Either way, getting those sources in, will help you for your future workout routines!!!
Sources (just a few examples, but not limited to;
-protein shake high in protein low in sugar (Shakes vary in personal choice)- Whey
-Chocolate milk (most popularly used w/ athletes)
-PB &J sandwich on whole grain with an apple or banana
– Turkey or tuna sandwich on whole grain with an apple or banana
-small cup of yogurt w/ fresh fruit