Plank Cross Unders and Complete Protein

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Plank Cross Unders

Health Tip

This week’s health tip is provided by Registered Dietitian, Molly Linek. She specifically speaks on “Can I be a vegetarian and still get enough COMPLETE PROTEIN?”

This is a great information for those who either thinking about going the vegetarian or vegan route or even currently vegetarian or vegan.
I remember working with a client years ago who was vegetarian and had found out they had osteopenia (Beginning stages of weakening of the bone structure). They had to begin to exercise to help build strength in their bones. Not only that, but with them being vegetarian, they were not getting enough balance of nutrients in their diet, one being protein.

it was a eye opening experience for both the client and I, but with proper training and more efficient balance in the nutrition their body needed, the stage of osteopenia got reversed.

The question has been asked, if I’m vegan or vegetarian and obviously don’t eat meat, how and what can I eat to ensure I am getting enough protein in my body to give it what it needs!

Did you know Fact

A complete protein is a term used to describe individual foods that are sources of all [nine] essential amino acids.   Essential amino acids (EAA) must be eaten from food since humans can not make them on their own.  Plant proteins that offer complete proteins include soy, pistachios, quinoa and hemp and chia seeds to name a few.  So being very purposeful in choosing foods can definitely support proper muscle and protein making ability from vegetarian eating plans.



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