Pictures and Measurements

These are probably one of the best forms of progress to have in your health and fitness journey- It would seem obvious not to say this, but unfortunately it has to be said. Don’t take progress pictures and measurements if your intentions were never to stay consistent.

Progress pictures are so important because of them being a still photo. You can compare pictures, look at areas that may still need worked on, and areas that have improved.

Same goes for measurements- However with measurements. The key is that whoever measures initially, whether its you or someone else, that the same person does the measurements moving forward for consistency. If you continually change it up of who is measuring, each person could measure differently, giving inconsistent results.

When it comes to measurements I like to measure chest, waist, hips/butt and sometimes the thigh. Usually it will all depend on what the client is most focused on….but that’s why I love taking progress pics because you will be able to see it either way.

So here- I wanted to give the tips on taking photos and measuring


  • Make sure you stand in front of a solid background wall
  • Do not wear baggy clothes- Either form fitting or bath suit for women, swim trunk for men
  • Wear the same clothes for progress photo updates
  • Take full length pictures
  • Make sure picture has light and not dim or dark
  • Stand with good posture
*Picture found on google as an example of a progress photo stances


  • measuring tape should measure snug, but not tight around that area being measured
  • measuring tape should be level in measurement and not crooked
  • read in inches
  • Chest: measured across nipple line
  • Waist: measured right above navel
  • Hips/Butt: measured around the largest part of hips and butt. Feet should be together when measuring hips/butt.
  • Thigh: using the right thigh, measured middle of thigh, or widest part
Photos found on google to show example of measurement locations

Overall, it’s so important to have some form of measurement going through your health and fitness journey. Every 6-8 weeks is a good check-in point to see where your progress is.



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