Patience & Discipline

Always keep this in mind…
When you begin your health/wellness/fitness journey, the progress you make will be determined on how disciplined you are through the journey. It is not easy to change old habits to new ones, and a lot of people forget that and get frustrated because they are not seeing the changes they want fast enough. Very few people can go cold turkey on old habits, stay disciplined with their new habits and start seeing results soon. Others struggle with the transition.
If you’ve been on your journey for, lets say, 6 months and have lost some weight, but its not the weight loss you were expecting, PLEASE remember that is STILL PROGRESS. The transition that is being made isn’t a smooth transition, you are going to fall down during the journey. That’s ok, its supposed to be a part of it all. The rewarding piece comes if you stay confident and persevere through the good and bad days, you get to see your results appear right in front of you! Its not just a physical reward, its an mental and emotional reward too, seeing how far you’ve come.

Just know, this journey TAKES TIME. EVERYONE’S body is uniquely made different, so trust in your body through this journey that you will get to where you want to be with time.

There is no rush in QUALITY!




2 thoughts on “Patience & Discipline

  1. Sheila Winfrey Levy

    I needed this. Love you cuz.

    September 5, 2015 at 4:29 am

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