This is for oatmeal lovers!!! I was never an oatmeal fan growing up because of the consistency of it. Although oatmeal is still not a favorite of mine, I HAVE grown to like it enough to make a bowl. I guess I can say I have matured my pallet. 

Here is a healthy and fulfilling oatmeal recipe Registered Dietitian, Molly Linek has to share with YOU!!

Paleo Oatmeal

By Molly Linek

PANTRY STAPLES USED:​ Coconut Flour, Shredded Coconut, Flax Meal, Vanilla, Cinnamon,

Pecans, Honey


● 1 cup milk of choice

● 3 T coconut flour

● 1/4 cup unsweetened, shredded coconut

● 2 T flax meal

● 1/2 tsp vanilla

● 1/2 tsp cinnamon

● 1 apple

● 1/4 cup pecans chopped, or any nut

● 2-4 tsp honey optional


1. Heat 1c milk (or water) in saucepan over med heat. Add the following: 3T coconut flour + 1/4c shredded coconut + 2T flax meal + 1/2tsp vanilla + 1/2tsp cinnamon.

2. Cook 1-2min until soft.

3. Slice 1 apple.

4. Divide porridge into 2 bowls top each w/ the following: 2T chopped pecans + 1/4-1/2

apple slices (depending on size of the apple) + 1-2tsp honey.

 5. This grain-free oatmeal is full of healthy fats and protein. It provides such a comforting breakfast without any grains. But you can always use old fashioned oats!



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