Outdoor Activity Day!

Fun with the kiddos

Today was just one of those days where mommy did not feel like heading to the park even though the kids really wanted to, so instead I asked what they would like to do staying close to home aka the front yard.

First thing they wanted to do was to take their little mini car for a stroll around the block. I knew that wasn’t the end of their playtime so we grabbed all of the goodies in the garage they showed interest in and we had some fun.

As they played I thought of small activities they would enjoy that could be used in different ways. Hula Hoop, Skippet, and chalk. 

Other than just the normal hoop I had them hop through it making different angles for them to try when jumping.

As they were playing with the chalk it reminded me back when I was younger, How all of my cousins, sister and I will play with chalk. One fun game we would play would be hopscotch! I also tried to add a fun learning component to it by adding shapes with the numbers.

We stayed outside rotating through these activities for at least a good 30 to 40 minutes. They were definitely tired by the time they headed to bed.

The Activities



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