Online Training 4Star Clients!

When I first started 4Star Fitness, like anything you want to do well and be great, you have to put time, work and patience in it. I still remember it like it was yesterday spending hours upon hours at my community library putting together my 4Star Fitness business together. This was also coming off a few months of laying my grandmother to rest, after her fight with heart disease. I wanted to reach and help as many people as I could.

I almost literally made myself sick with anxiousness, nervousness, fear,  excitement, worry, doubt…basically a whole bunch of mixed emotions ran through me. I had a vision and the passion, but not knowing what it would turn out to be, if all of this work I put into it would go in vain. Keep my faith in God and knowing that He would guide my path, he did it. Now its 2018 and I cant thank God enough for the people, places and opportunities He has given me in ties with 4Star Fitness. I know there is so much more out there for me to do, and more opportunities for me to go for.

It wasn’t until early 2018 a friend/client reached out to me, during a time I was still trying to deal with the transition of moving to another city etc. They were hoping that one day I would consider looking into being able to reach out to people, like them, who I could not be face to face with in training. They offered different examples of what others were doing, and it gave me ideas. It wasn’t until a while after that conversation my wheels started turning again, and God gave me another vision. I found myself back to work like I did in 2008, figuring out a way I could reach people and make a difference.

In 2018 4Star Fitness is now also offering Virtual Online Personal Training, where I can provide services to those who are truly dedicated to living a healthy and fit lifestyle near AND far. I still have those same feelings I had when I initially started putting 4Star Fitness together, HOWEVER my faith has never waivered and I’ve learned to EMBRACE THE PROCESS.

Please check out on my website, my 4Star Fitness Programs and under that you will find everything related to Online training and what I offer.

If you have ANY questions, go to my 4Star Inquiry tab and there you will find my contact information!!

Many blessings to you all. Remember….MAKE IT RIGHT, AND GET IT TIGHT!!!