Oh Precious Sleep

Any parent can attest to this! Although there may be a lot of factors to this, I’ve found it boils down to these few things for me; It’s either the kids realllly like the bed, they like snuggling next to mommy and daddy……or its both. We had a good length of time where the kids stayed in their own bed the entire night….. but a new season came and it feels like mommy and daddy gave the kids a coupon that said “feel free to stay in our bed as long as you want!” 😩

They are definitely taking advantage of this season, and boy are we paying for it.
As I tell all of my clients, sleep is a huge importance in anyone’s health and fitness journey but it can get jeopardized from time to time depending on what a person may be struggling with or just going through.
I can say for me, it’s struggling with being at peace when I sleep. I do get anywhere between seven and nine hours, but sometimes I wake up feeling like I was in a boxing match.
My daughter literally gave me an uppercut one night, I saw the stars 🌟. But outside of literally getting punched, my body just aches because of the sacrifice of sleeping awkward when the kids are in the bed.

I’m going to blame it on myself and my husband because when the kids come in, they come in at one of those hours where you are just too lazy to get out of bed and put them back in their own🤦🏽‍♀️

So you just suffer the consequences of keeping them in the bed with you. And all parents know that if their kids sleep with them you are getting the edge of the bed!
We have learned that at the kids young stage in age, siblings like staying in the same room together just to keep each other company. It has seemed to work majority of the time with our sleep being uninterrupted. If it’s not that and the kids creep in our bed, mommy goes in the guest bedroom. Sometimes I just need to have a bed to myself!

I know this is a phase just like the nutrition phase journey with the kids. Children have nightmares at night or are afraid of the dark. So although we as parents may take the brunt of it, I take solace knowing that I can be there at night to comfort when it’s needed.



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