Oct. 22nd, 2015

Good Morn-ting!!!!!!

I am excited!!!! ….and here’s why….

Some of you may not know but I am a Health & Wellness Director at the Eric Snow YMCA in Canton, Ohio. I absolutely LOVE it because it gives me a chance to reach out to soooo many people within the community. This particular Y was just rebuilt in 2014 so we have a beautiful facility and all up to date NEW equipment. With that being said, being a new Y and reaching out to the community, one of the goals for the health & wellness department was to collaborate with the Canton City school district and help them with their healthy fitness challenge program.

I was named the person of interest to get this program started. Now I must add, when I was informed about this program, I was on maternity leave. HA! I already knew what kind of fitness challenge I was going to lead in this program……TABATA!! I was nervous and excited all at the same time because I knew this was a big start for the Y, but I almost doubted myself if I would be ready coming off of maternity leave.

I got my mind together, stayed positive and prayed up knowing the Lord would give me the mental and physical strength to make it happen. The day I returned to work, (beginning of October 2014) was actually the same day I would speak to a school staff of about 50+ faculty on the fitness challenge details and what to expect. The fitness challenge was introduced as LOSIN’ IT- 8 week program, meet twice a week. By the end of the program the top 3 who lost the most % of weight won prizes.

10 people signed up….(Side eye) Lol Not sure if they were more scared of me teaching the class, or Tabata itself. Lol- Even with the 10 that signed up, they kicked butt and did well. The top winner lost more than 15lbs.

Surprisingly, after the program was over I had people (members of the Y) who were not Canton City staff ask about the program and wanted to be a part of it. They wanted me to teach it again! So I took 2 weeks off and in the beginning of the year I started another 8 week Losin’ It program. This time 19 people signed up (with a few returnees from the last program).

The top winner of the challenge lost 11lbs and is a Breast Cancer Survivor! After that I took a break from the program to focus on adding other programs within the wellness department. I knew I would start it back up in October (26th) and give a chance to promote it for everyone.

Registration opened up Oct. 12th and will close Oct. 24th. To date…28 people have signed up!!! I am so excited!!! Being able to help more and more people and know that we are going to have “fun” through the process gets me going!


Stay tuned!!