Oct. 22nd, 2015

Its 6:03P and I’m home reflecting on what occurred at work today. There is a young person in their young 30’s, who I see almost daily who comes to the gym and gets it in. They keep to themselves but when spoke to, they are very kind and talks with a smile. When I would teach my Tabata class they would show up for every single class. They shared with me they enjoyed the class and always looked forward to it.

The Losin’ program that I am teaching is a fee-based class that cost under $10 for the entire 8 week program. Today, one of the ladies who signed up for the program asked this person if they had signed up yet since the class was starting to get filled. Their response got to me so much that I had to do something even if it was a small gesture. Their response was, even with a smile, “I only have a few dollars and have to ask for the rest from a family member, I don’t have much”.

All I could do was think about them as I finished doing my work. I knew how much they enjoyed my class and they had every intentions in wanting to sign up but situations kept from doing it. Before they left I walked up to them and told them to register and everything would be taken care of. They were so grateful.

Its times like this when you truly see someone’s heart and they mean well. What may seem like nothing to one person, may be a lot to someone else. When fortunate enough to help others are always the times to be grateful for and not take for granted because you never know when you will need assistance.

It wasn’t about the $, just simply the love of helping another and seeing them smile. It does a heart good.