Oct. 21st, 2015

Its past 10:30P, Oct. 20th, 2015

I actually have been on my site reorganizing things to make more since to me and for YALL! Lol. When organizing my blog position on the site, I made the decision I would start doing how most people do with blogs…posting more frequently what’s going on, or not going on, in my health & fitness life.

For those who have already been on my site and read my pregnancy blog, that was my first time ever being vulnerable enough to share something of that nature, but I knew if I was going to share something like this it would be shared on my site. I figured there would be someone or many who could relate and not feel alone. Due to my site being health & fitness related I definitely wanted to tie it in on how it changed my life as I went through and continue to go through my journey.

Now that I have started that blog, I finally decided tonight, that I wanted to start blogging more regularly on my journey in hopes it relates to some or gives thought to others. Hope yall enjoy! Lol


Until then…Good night & Sweet dreams….Ill see yall in another blog post soon!!