Observe, listen & engage

So the other day I met a young man who was probably 16-17 years old. first time in the gym and shared with me he felt it was time to make a change and lose weight. His mother was afraid he would die.

I could tell he was very apprehensive and insecure as he would look around as he talked to me.

He also shared with me that he was born with CP (cerebral palsy) and that it was a disability of his that kept him from doing what he wanted to do but he was here to make that change.

He wanted to learn every piece of equipment there was on the Wellness floor and I suggested I show him a few things to at least get him started and then I would direct him to a program that would allow him more one on one time with a coach. But my time with him, I wanted to make sure that, that day he was comfortable and could at least get a start. After showing him a few things he literally asked me “can i give you a tip or something? you have just been so helpful!”

I declined the offer and told him what I’m doing is what I’m here for and anything that him or anyone else needed I would help in any way I could. As I think back on it, my pastor used to say “I’m not here to preach to folks who have their ducks in order, I am here to reach those who need the help and are torn in pieces and trying to get themselves back on track. That’s exactly the way I see it in this career field.

I am currently taking courses to better myself that way I can help others better. 🔑 elements Im focusing on more are; observing, listening and engaging.

You have to be ready & willing if youre going to reach people!