Nutritional Salad

If you are going to only have just a salad for lunch or dinner, make it worth it. When I mean worth it, make sure what you add in it is going to be supportive to your nutrition goals! Lettuce is made up of mostly water which is good but it also = 0 calories, therefore what you add in it is important so you do get essential calories you need. Make sure you can add some fresh veggies for added nutrients and crunch. The more colorful your salad is, the better. DO not skip out on some kind of protein in or with your salad.

What you see below, for  me, this particular salad was my lunch. Grilled chicken, sliced roma tomatoes, sliced mini cucumbers, sunflower seeds, and some crasins. I always get the garden salad because it comes with sliced veggies already made in it, I just add extra in as well. The BIG KICKER is going to be what dressing and how much of it  you put on your salad. Staying away from the creamy dressings lessen the chance of a higher calorie and saturated fat covered salad. However, if you must choose a creamy dressing, limit how often you use creamy dressings and how much you put on. Try sticking with the lighter salad dressing such as oil/vinegar or balsamic vinaigrette- With ANY dressing, look for how much fat, calories, sugar and sodium it consist of because you have to remember the dressing is what will “top” off your salad.


Happy eating! Nutritious and Delicious