Nutrition and choices

What we eat, plays such a vital role in our livelihood. It can determine our functionality and feelings! It’s crazy the power that food can have on a person. Some people say that they have it in the bag when it comes to a healthy and supportive nutrition routine yet they suffer with their Fitness lifestyle. However, for the majority of others it’s the other way around.

Why is that?

Why is it that we suffer so much in trying to get and keep a healthy and supportive nutrition routine? Could it be that it’s more of words than actions saying that we want healthy but deep inside we really don’t, is it that some people just don’t know how to have a healthier nutrition lifestyle or is it simply a mindset of discipline?

For me I can honestly say that I I am on a healthier and more supportive nutrition lifestyle that I can maintain however for some reason I have always been in a real roller coaster relationship with water and every time I do well with water I see great results but apparently that’s not enough for me to keep a water routine within my lifestyle. why is that? For me I think it’s a lack of mental discipline I love juice or anything that may have flavor in it and sometimes if I had a glass of juice and a glass of water side by side nine chances out of 10 I would choose the juice. I’ve trained my palate for so long for the taste of juice that I haven’t put the time and effort 2 train my palate for water and mentally I tell myself I need flavor but do I really need that?

I think these kind of questions are good for a lot of us who suffer with the struggle of keeping and maintaining a balanced and supportive habits. When we dig deeper into the real reasons ,it opens our eyes to what is really important and what we truly deserve for our bodies. If eating and drinking things that you really like and would never give up, that aren’t the healthiest to your body, so be it, that’s your prerogative.  If you can say that taking that route of the choices  you make in your  eating habits, makes you feel and act great, then why change it? But if you can honestly be real with yourself and say that some of the choices that are made really don’t make you feel the way you would really like to feel, then it’s time to make some changes.

I know for me as much as I love my juice I always feel bloated and lethargic. Now dont get me wrong, I love my juice, but it comes a time where I have to shift my mentality to a total different way because I know what water does for me and I feel so much better.

That’s a choice that I have to make. I can continue to feel and look bloated but enjoy my juice or go the water route and feel tighter and feel better. That’s all up to me.


What is your choice?