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Reygan is really starting to like the nutrition tutorials where she can add her in a little twist in. She always starts out as very shy and once she gets going There’s no stopping her! Salads seem to be the easiest way to go in most healthiest and she really enjoys that but I think we are going to branch off in the near future with other nutritious kids meals that we can share with other parents and kids. Creating this kind of atmosphere I think not only makes it fun and healthy but also continues to build a great relationship between the parents and kids. Please enjoy our nutritious and delicious salad video!

Nutritious Salad Tutorial

As far as the fitness part, with my husband and I focusing more on a intentional and structured routine during the quarantine the kids have become more involved. The first video clip was like a fitness family affair where we all were doing our own thing and helping each other out. In the second video is a totally different day where it was just Daddy working out with the kids and I snuck downstairs To see what was going on and this is what I caught! To see them doing their own thing and replicating what they see mommy and daddy do was too cute!

Family Fitness



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