Normandy…I mean, Great Northern Beans Meal

Let me tell you!! ANYTIME I do a video with my mother in sharing a nurtirious and delcious meal, there is always an event and the commentary is REAL and uncut.

I like sharing the realness of being in the kitchen, because sometimes we don’t always get a chance to see what “really” happens in the kitchen. We most times see the clear edited version.

I share the edited version AND a blooper short clip!

In the blooper short clip, Not only did I keep saying the ingredients wrong that I was so confident in saying, but my mother opened up the cupboard and all of her ingredients came tumbling down onto her and of course she yelled and blamed on me…LOL

I hope you enjoy not only the video but also looking into making this delicious meal for yourself too! You will NOT be let down!


hilarious and a calamity!🤣😂🤪

Edited Version




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