No excuse–Just make it work

So I had posted this particular clip on social media- and this video happened to spark the conversation with viewers one how to make things work when you have kids-

If the kids aren’t sleep or happen to be distracted by something else rather than being with you every moment and every step you take, THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME TO DO WHAT YOU NEED…ALONE. Guess what? You just have to make it work.

In one of my many conversations I had, one being with a best friend who has two young children, you have to make the best out of whatever situation you have, and if the kids what to be a part of it, so be it.

Yes, when I am trying to get my workout in, I may have to stop to move them out the way because I cant complete a full rep, then continue on. I may have to takeĀ  a longer break because the kids are fighting, and I have to calm the situation. Whatever the case may be, I make the time to do what I have to do for me. The majority of the time the kids want to participate and enjoy it, other times they start off interested then slowly move into something else.

You get use to it. It is a lifestyle that you must create and have some control over and not make excuses that really are not good enough to rectify why you couldn’t put some fit time in. JUST DO IT!!