New Schedule, New Emotions

The week of August 12th came all so sudden and even though I knew it was approaching I thought I could be ready emotionally but it proved wrong. 

Literally that whole week, Monday Aug. 12th through Friday Aug. 16th, I was drained. I didn’t feel like doing anything, my workouts were sub par, I ate sub par I was just sub par. I was so overwhelmed and anxious leading up to this week it just carried over.  All the thoughts of what if the kids don’t like their new school, they can’t be without each other, how am I going to adapt all ran through my mind. 

For a year and a half, prior to that week, the kids and I had been on our own schedule, a schedule more flexible, a schedule that allowed me to drive the kids at least 20 minutes to my sisters, while we singed and laughed before I dropped them off to my sisters house and then I headed into work. 

One day a week, Wednesday, we slept in because mommy didn’t have to go to work until late, so they would jump in the bed with me for about a hour then we would get ready and wait until TiTi came over. 

Every week for a year and a half our schedule was just like that. Monday Aug. 12th, that all changed. Just a 5 minute drive with my babies to school, Wednesdays, mommy chilled in the bed herself with no babies by her side. 

New schedule, new emotions. A new schedule that I will have to get used to, which I know will get better quickly. The new emotions of knowing that my kids are growing up, learning new things, making new friends and continuing to live life, is A process you see lived out. 



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