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I swear, this is a new thing for me as a parent…to park hop and find interesting parks/playgrounds the kids will enjoy.

This particular playground that we visited for the first time was definitely different than others we have been to recently. Very bright and colorful, but not only that, the addition on this playground that it included compared to others was the technology it provided and boy did the kids LOVE it. I loved it not only because it kept them active, but it was actually acting as a learning interactive tool. Check out the video below of Bubs having fun.

Fun game

For all parents, grandparents, babysitters, guardians etc looking for a playground I wanted to share this information I looked up so that it can help you search your location for certain playgrounds that may be near you!

5 Innovative Playground Design Trends In 2019

Inclusive Playground Design

The seven principles of inclusive playground design are:

  • Be fair. Play environments are designed to allow everyone to participate equally.  
  • Be included. Everyone is included, regardless of diverse abilities.
  • Be smart. The play environment is easy to understand.  
  • Be independent. All children can play independently and at their own level.  
  • Be safe. Playgrounds meet current safety standards, while remaining challenging.  
  • Be active. The environment supports physical activities.
  • Be comfortable. The playground is usable for people with all needs, including sensory, size, and mobility needs.

Themed Playgrounds

New Playground Technology

Playground Sustainability

Musical Features For Parks



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