New Adventure, New Food

New Adventure

So during this season of quarantine my husband was Introduced To a new hobby… Biking 🚴‍♀️ 

He went all out. Got a bike, helmet, gloves, and biking shorts.  He meets up with a group of other for as taking on this new adventure. He is really enjoying it and goes out almost every day for a bike ride. 

The kids absolutely LOVE joining daddy on a short bike ride around the neighborhood. We seem to find different trails throughout our neighborhood and have them enjoy the adventure. It’s something different and I feel independent being able to do it on their own and follow daddy. 

If it’s just me and the kids they lead and I think it’s the feeling of being independent to ride and lead the way that gets them so excited about riding their bikes so often. 

For my kids, this is a new adventure brought out out the quarantine, that they have really come to enjoy. It’s not just about going out just to ride in the neighborhood, it’s about experiencing the freedom they feel, and control they have to turn, go and stop!
the other great thing I like about the new adventure with the bike, as most of you may know, biking helps build strength in the low back, quads,core as well as balance. So when the kids want to get on their bikes and go not only are they having fun riding but they are getting some body weight strength and balance a long with it! Check it Out!

Bike Adventures

New Food

The new nutritious and delicious food that I decided to buy and give a try ended up being a winner for Reygan.

from Costco

I had just sat down to eat Salmon to go along with the rice for me please my daughter says Salmon to go along with the rice for me please my daughter says “Mommy, can I try some of that?!”

Bam! “Yummy, that’s good, can I have some more!”

I ended up making for the very thing you may have and she ate every last bit! I also bought the quinoa balloons that we have not tried yet but if Rey likes that one too, We know what will definitely be added in our kitchen as a staple!



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