My Superwoman Definition

When there is something you want to accomplish and YOU are the only one with the vision of how it needs to be done, YOU have to lead it and get it started. No one is going to want it done or see the end result as much as you do. HOWEVER, a long that journey of making the vision a reality, HELP WILL BE NEEDED.

The vision you have will always come with challenges that require thought, dedication and humility. What I mean specifically with humility is, being humble and putting your pride aside to ask for help when and where its needed.

So often, I got caught up in a frenzy of knowing the vision I had and tried to do it all myself only to find myself stuck and frustrated. Walking around Trying to act like everything was OK, when in reality I was hurting inside because I still had the vision clear as day, but I just couldn’t make the vision clear.

Only to make matters worse, you see others mainly on social media, “appearing” to have all the superwoman credentials, everything looks so put together, they’re accomplishing and makin’ things happen… all the while, you sitting there trying to figure things out, questioning yourself and wondering how they have, what appears to be, all together.

The reality is, and I truly believe it…No one who appears accomplished and has it all together, got to that point without having someone, who had the resources to get them a step closer, to their vision.

What has been defined as Superwoman, I am redefining for myself. It is not someone who is here, there and everyone, multi-tasking, getting things accomplished all on her own, and looking good while doing it.

To me, Superwoman status is being able to live responsibly, live smart, doesn’t drill themselves into the ground- Knows work has to be done, but in order to do it they have to gather the resources to accomplish it. That means putting pride aside, not pretending that we have it all together and know that when help is needed it’s OK to ask. Then and only then, will you make things happen. You may not look “to the T” while doing it, but that wasn’t the goal, the goal was the vision!

The Lord blessed each one of us with different unique resources in order to help one another. If we can’t realize that, in order for a vision and a unique job to be completed, all of those resources that require that vision, have to come together. To be honest that’s what makes it SUPER!

Trying to carry and handle everything on our own only breaks us down and we become weak. The only person that I know who can carry anything on their own is The powerful and Almighty God!

I wanted to share a post I caught wind of, that talked about something very similar and wanted to share. It was spot on!

Be a Superwoman or Superman, but do it responsibly and live smart!



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