My Smile represents….


Behind this smile during my journey back to FIT has come with a lot of  joy, excitement, surprises but also frustration, tiredness and embarrassment.

Yet I choose to smile no matter what. I have my good days and bad like anyone else would going through a journey. I must say I’m blessed to say I have had more good than bad. How I deal with my bad days? I don’t let it linger and fester within me. My life is too precious to worry about any pettiness or things not helping me move forward! Like I said before, I am going for balance in my mental, physical and spiritual realm that embodies me becoming FIT.

It has been 7 weeks since I officially began my Journey back to FIT. As I stated I did things a bit different this time around in how I went about my post pregnancy…So here it goes

within those 7 weeks, I have tried sharing personal videos of my journey whether it was me speaking straight to yall or sharing workout routine videos. In between that, I’ve dealt with the struggle of being tired because of lack of sleep (the precious “tokens” of being a parent), how that has effected performance at times, keeping my nutrition right (still tightening up some areas) but it hasn’t been “perfect” what people may think it “should” be. HOWEVER, with some of my struggles have come relief, joy, confidence and happiness.

I gave 2 weeks to training myself before starting back teaching the Losin’ it program. NOW, we will be starting up our 6th week and I am SOOOO proud of each person in the program. They have come a long way. If they cant see it, I definitely do! As for me, my happiness came when I took my routine health fitness assessment. Something I take serious for the reason I want to stay up on where I am. Its my responsibility. I must say I was a bit nervous because the prior  health assessments I did was post pregnancy with Rey Rey, when I just found out I was pregnant with Duke, and now post preg. after having Duke. So I felt it wasn’t in my “best” advantage, but at least I would know where I was.

My health assessment was completed 12/2/16. My results were exciting and honestly surprising to me because I just wasn’t expecting it to give me those kind of results;

My RHR (resting HR) was lower

  • Blood pressure lower
  • My crunches and strength test (bench press max reps to fatigue) higher
  • Body fat percent lower (almost in the athlete range)!
  • Lost a couple inches in my waist (since starting the Losin program and doing my own workouts)
  • couple inches lost in my hips and increased a bit in my thighs (Id account that to all the squats I make the class do)
  • my stamina and post HR after working out is great.
  • My flexibility needs a bit improvement, so I def. need to work on that

Overall I was pleased. That gave me consolidation that what I have been doing in these past 7 weeks. I will say I believe that keeping myself conditioned throughout my pregnancy played a huge part into my post pregnancy. So now that I know where I am now, I am going to tighten some things up and keep things movin’.

Here’s a bit of my journey photos from the beginning up to Nov. 23rd;

Far left: 9 days after giving birth- Middle: Sept. 18th- Far right: Oct. 3rd
As of Nov. 23rd

Other things I know I need to stay consistent with is 1) continue to stay spiritually fed by reading the word and being in church 2) get more sleep (whenever that will be, Lol) that will help with me say mentally focused at work, home and perform well  3) Increase my water intake.

There ya go, ill keep you posted with more to come on my journey back to FIT!!