My Rest Vs. My Sleep
Great picture example of what rest looks like
a current moment where I actually felt REST on my body and could just chill in the moment without thinking about anything and just enjoy the weather – I’m still working on it… working on getting to that level in the pic above!

Knowing when to surrender and just allow your body to do what it’s telling you instead of constantly fighting it.

Both rest and sleep are great essentials but the fact is Wheaton to do more of one and ignore the other and I can raise my hand and say I am a culprit of doing one more than the other.

I think we can all agree that since we have been put into quarantine Our routines And time tables have drastically changed.

I know my routine and times have drastically changed because now I don’t have to wake up so early to get the kids ready for school. I have always been a night owl but because of routine getting up early in the morning to get the kids ready and get ready for work I made sure I got in bed in a decent hour to get my ours is sleeping. But now it’s all out of whack and I have definitely put night owl on the podium. 

Now that we have moved into our new home it’s made it even worse because I am always trying to find something to do and keep myself busy with putting the house together. I do make sure I try to rest and just sit and relax but the thing that I am ignoring most is getting my sleep. 

We tend to think that rest can fill in for the gaps of sleep we actually need. We fight the urge to sleep and instead we try to rest then go back at whatever we were trying to accomplish. 

We are putting our body in overdrive especially when we ignore the signals of actually going to sleep. 

It wasn’t until recently that my body said Crystal if you are not going to take yourself to bed and go to sleep then I’m going to make you! 

It didn’t actually resonate with me until I woke up from a long nap that you can enjoy rest and just kicking back and doing nothing if you got the sleep your body needs to keep you energized. 

There were so many times that I thought I could just rest for a little bit and then go ahead, Get up and try to accomplish something when all along I was fighting sleep. 

The new normal routine for me Has been staying up late at night yet getting up early in the morning and it finally took a toll on me. During the day I would try to rest but I knew I was fighting sleep yeah I was ignoring that signal. I would get up from a chill time and go and do something else but my body finally took a hold and told me it was time to take some naps and let me tell you it made a world of difference.

I could actually tell the difference of when I actually rest that I can enjoy rest without actually feeling tired. The sleep that I was not getting was overflowing into the next day and I was trying to push through.

I should know better than anyone how the body works when we ignore signs of allowing our bodies to rejuvenate and recuperate when we sleep.

This new routine for me cannot continue on and I have to get on a routine, even in this quarantine, that will allow me to rest comfortably during the day when needed,  but I also get the hours of sleep that I need and not have to feel tired and struggling throughout the day. 

If you are reading this and you are struggling throughout the day it’s probably because you’re taking too many rest breaks and not enough hours of sleep. 

Know the difference between rest and sleep because if you are taking rest yet you are tired and can’t enjoy that actual rest that means you need to have your butt in bed with your eyes closed. 

Hopefully that helped you because it certainly was an eye-opener for me!



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