My first Tabata workout since my pregnancy!!

in just a few short days I will start back teaching group exercise, my specialty..Losin’ it. I must admit, after having my second child, I have mixed emotions. I am anxious, nervous and excited all balled into one. I know once my adrenaline kicks in, ill be set to go. its the reality that I have come to accept, that my body has changed from what I am used to, and I have to work from that point to get where I want to be. The reality that I wont be starting and teaching in tip top shape. However, the beauty  of it all is everyone in the program including me will be sharing in our journey to health and FIT. We all will get to see the growth and change from the hard work we put in. For that, I am ready!

Facebook, as of lately has posted a couple of my “Memory” Fitness videos I posted 3 years ago. When seeing that, it gets me motivated. So with that being said…time to MAKE IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT!!

In this Tabata workout the exercises completed are;

Step board Ali Shuffle

Bodyweight Squats

Resistance band Curls

Chair Squat Thrusts (Burpee)

I didn’t need to do or add anything extra in my workout (i.e risers with the step board or floor squat thrusts), I just want to see where I am at this moment. I did chair squat thrusts because I didn’t want to place too much core emphasis/pressure on my abdominals since they are still healing. So I chose to do the exercise at an incline and eventually will work my way down. I definitely felt challenged with the exercises using the Tabata method and I’m excited in what it will do results wise as I continue with the routines.

More to come!! Here’s my first official Tabata workout post pregnancy!