My progression to make it right, get back tight

Here are photo compilations of my 9 month pregnancy and every photo thereafter, are post pregnancy. Working my way back to fit. I would take photos every 2 weeks. The journey was hard and slow, as to be expected, but to be honest, I enjoyed the pace and getting to know myself through the process of it all. I was a MOTHER now, with responsibilities, and in knowing that, my health was a priority to me so that I could be the best I could be mentally and physically to my daughter.

I immediately felt the difference in change with my body. Core, low back, hips, groin, upper body, was definitely weak. The things I use to be capable of, it wasn’t happening anytime soon. Trying to jump back into my regular workout routines full force was a no-no. Knowing that I had to strengthen back those areas before I could really get back to what I knew, was going to be the best option and work my way up. My mentality through it all was I was going to stay positive through it all even when it got frustrating. Sometimes I would focus on my small “tiger stripes” on the sides of my waist and pushed out belly button that use to be an inny I gained during my 9 month of pregnancy. I came to conclusion that focusing on that was not going to help anything, embrace it because it was a part of me becoming a mother. There were definitely times through the journey my progress stayed right where it was and didn’t budge. Other times, I didn’t want to eat healthy and just eat whatever, and I did. However, I didn’t let myself go, I always kept clear in my mind why I was on this journey and I was going to stick with it. I fell sometimes, but I stayed disciplined enough to get back on track and keep going.


The photo on the left I measured a whopping 48.5in around the belly. The photo on the right is 6 weeks post pregnancy I measured at 35.5in
Top right, in the orange was 8 weeks post and the bottom photo was 10 weeks post
Top right, in yellow is 12 weeks post and the bottom photo is me in my “regular” clothes. I compared my 12 week photo in yellow, with my 6 week photo and knew I was heading the right direction.