My last Tabata Routine at ESY

I was asked if I would teach one last Tabata class before I left the doors of the Eric Snow YMCA. I knew I could not say no. Nerves fell over me not only because I get jitters of teaching (like I’m about to throw a concert), but more so because I was in my emotions anyways knowing of the bittersweet feeling.

I did all 6 rounds the day before I taught the class. It…was…rough! You feel like you’re defeated while going through, yet you still push with what you have and after its all said and done…you feel accomplished.

I never like to take anyone through something I have never experienced.

Here are the final 6 rounds that were taught Wednesday April 26th.

Those who modified some of the moves, used a chair or simply did movements they felt more comfortable with yet still challenged themselves.


Here ya go!!