My Kid The Ambassador

Rey becomes the Ambassador for Parent and kid blog! Take this as an intro to Rey As I know she is excited to continue to share her perspective into health and fitness

Indoor exercises for the family and outdoor obstacle course

I wasn’t surprised when Rey said “Mommy, I want to do a video for people” so I asked her what she wanted to share and she said she wanted to start by sharing a video outdoors and then wanted to do one indoors. So for all you parents out there with your kiddos for the outdoor activity the purpose Was for kids to come up with their own obstacle course when playing at the playground. Make it your own! 

For the indoor, she wanted to share three exercises everyone can do as a family you choose how many reps of each exercise you do together!

I definitely think all of this stems from not just watching mommy create her own videos but from watching YouTube kids and seeing younger kids to their own. I am so excited to see where this goes for her as she becomes her own! She is such a natural 

Check it out!

Rey Shares



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