My Hiatus…My current Embraing the Process

Please forgive yet understand my time away from posting on my blog/vlog. My move/transition back to Columbus Ohio has deemed challenging yet rewarding. Getting yourself and family into a new routine as well as new job, you have a lot to prepare for. I have learned so much in just the very short time since making the move. EMBRACING THE PROCESS could never be more true in this instance.  I have had some high and lows during this transition, to name a few; frustration, patience, bad eating choices, worry all that can creep up in the midst of blessings…BUT GOD!!! Right when the negativity tries to overcome, God steps in and stops me in my tracks & puts me back in focus so that I can see the purpose He gave to me. I am not a quitter nor will I ever let negativity consume me unless I let it. Stepping back, taking a deep breath and telling myself “I got this, God got me…let’s make things happen” is all I need to do to remind myself.

As  my family and I get more acclimated, I will get back into my routine of my 4Star Fitness MAKE IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT posts. I WILL be sharing some posts through my early transition and when things start becoming smoother and smoother I can post more and more. So bear with me!!!

Keep staying focused on your health and making it a priority!


Stay tuned!!