My Happy Place

Do you have a place you can go that lifts your spirits and just makes you feel good inside? 

 I think everyone should have or find their happy place. It can be more than one thing AND It doesn’t have to be an actual physical location, it can be A person who makes you feel good every time you were around them, it can be a certain thing you see that triggers happiness.

For me, honestly I have a few happy places: one is ISOLATION whether it’s a sauna, my room or closet where I can be alone in a quiet place just to talk to God and reflect. I feel so good during that time because it gives me a chance to clear my mind and refocus.

My other happy place is FAMILY. although they may get on my nerves at times their unconditional love is what I’m grateful for and when I step through the doors I am always reminded that home is where the heart is. 

Lastly, my physical location. Those of you who know me is Kirkland’s and also Hobby Lobby.

When I was a teen, my first job was at Hobby Lobby, and at the time, I had no idea that it Followed Christian principles within their store such as being closed on Sunday. A lot of their products are Christian-based. I just felt good every time I walked through the doors to work. 

As I got older I was introduced to Kirkland’s and absolutely fell in love with the store! Especially being introduced to the store around Christmas time my heart was huge. At the time, again, I had no idea it followed Christian principles. It’s just something about the atmosphere in those two stores that I could just walk around for more than an hour just happy to be there. They are my happy places! 

Hobby Lobby

This past week I actually visited both of those stores for some home decor for our home and had to take some pictures of things that make me grateful for my life, my relationships, my family, and my health. 


As I always tell my clients,  Be in tune with your body. I want to add be aware of your surroundings For the specific purpose of what makes you feel good and what are you do, where you are, or the people you are around.

4Stars! What is your happy place(s)? Let me know in the comments below!



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