My Gold Nuggets and My Treasure
I saw this photo again and it prompted me to blog my experience with it!

How many of us are on a quest for something specific that we want to accomplish, which we would consider our “treasure”?

Better yet, what kind of discipline, perseverance, trust, patience and hard work are we willing to commit to, to get to that treasure?

The question lies in if that is the right treasure you should be digging for.

Early on, I always questioned myself, why am I in the Health and Fitness Industry? How did I get to this place in my career? Is this a treasure in my life I should continue to dig for? This is one of a few treasures in my life that I found was worth continuing to dig for.

God actually chipped out some golden nuggets as I continued to dig along my path to let me know to keep digging. I got some fresh reminder “answers” to my question “Is this a treasure I should be digging for?”through the eyes of others that said “I can tell this is your passion just in how you light up when you talk about it”- “Crystal, I would have given up on myself if it would not have been for you believing in me” or simply “I am thankful for you”, that lets me know “Crystal, keep digging.”

My quest in my career goals have always been to expand my business enough to reach more people and help them figure out what their treasure is in their journey of health and fitness.

There were so many times I wanted to give up in my career because of the sacrifices made, time spent, energy and hustle, barriers that kept occurring, that it made me wonder was this all worth it.

I love this picture above because it reminds me just how close we may be to striking “gold” in our specific goals we set for ourselves. I am also greatly reminded that as I go through my journey and dig, to not always be so worried about trying to get to the “big treasure”, but to keep aware of the small golden nuggets that I may have dug up in the process. The big treasure may be 5 weeks or 5 years from now, but if its truly considered a treasure to me, and it is, I will keep on digging and make sure to take notice to the small golden nuggets along the path.

I hope you do the same!!



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