My Conversation on WEIGHT…
Ya know, there’s a lot of people who concern themselves so much on their weight that sometimes they miss the whole point of why NOT focusing on weight is actually a good thing.
I had a good talk with a lady who is doing a weight loss challenge at her job, she said I just feel like I haven’t lost any weight and everyone I talk to is losing. I have been doing so much better, I took breads, sugar and other bad habits out and I’m starting to exercise more.
Before I went any further, I said ” look at me and tell me how much you think I weigh” her guess was almost 15lbs LESS than what I actually am. She could not believe it. My point to her was, I could have another female, same age, height and weight, yet carry it and look totally different.
When you start changing bad habits for good, your body goes through a transition of “cleansing” and understanding the changes being made. Our body is made up of more than 70% water and with that being said, weight can fluctuate just off of that alone throughout the day especially with what we eat.
If you’re truly making a healthy lifestyle change, and you don’t see the scale moving, fat is NOT what’s being put on, only the bad habits that got you where you didn’t want to be, is.
The only other factor(s) that can be going against you could be when the body isn’t functioning properly to allow the process of weight to go down i.e thyroid etc).
Other than that, you should be keeping in tune with how you are feeling (can you move around better), how the clothes fit, were you able to do something you couldn’t before. The scale doesn’t tell you all of that. Your rewards lye right in front of YOU in what you are currently doing on your journey. The weight will come eventually, but you just have to trust your body through the process and not stress it when you don’t see what you want in a short term amount of time.
Your body deserves QUALITY through it all, treat it as so!