"A real experience still working in my life"

My personal fitness journey started the end of March 2023 with @4starfitchic42 and she has been such a positive inspiration. Even when life was “lifeing” she kept giving me the motivation I needed to KEEP GOING! Yes, I have lost some inches and pounds, BUT the most valuable lessons were consistency, making better choices, and feeling great about myself just because I am ME! I would have NEVER shown this before picture on IG, even with the change, BUT today I stand as a woman making personal progress, stronger, and achieving her own health goals! @4starfitchic42 incorporated the tools I had (Peloton) and added a few more. She is also someone you can connect with to start your journey IN YOUR OWN HOME! She meets you where you are and take you where you want to go. Connect with her! My journey has been amazing!!

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