Movin’ on up!!
I set a goal for myself when I started back working out in the pool. I dedicated 2 days out of each week to do a fitness routine in the pool. I knew for sure I wanted to do laps using the paddle board, as part of my routine so I set my goal to work up to 15 laps (30 lengths of the pool).
Each 2nd pool day of each week, I would add an additional lap depending on how I was feeling. Today I have completed 11 laps in the 6 weeks I’ve started, and I do feel good. I took a new video today of me doing 2 laps using the water dumbbells that I tried out the other day and decided I would add it into my routine as well. THAT WAS THE CRAPPERS!! Lol. If you want to work them arms, that will get ya right there. Lol
Anywho, I have kept track of this journey, writing down my workout routines and taking short clips of what I do in the water. I will be posting very soon to share!
Stay tuned!
Have a WONDERFUL day everyone!