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I absolutely love this exercise that I learned from another trainer, Jonny Steckel who I also call THOR- Not only does it work your upper body, but it also targets your glutes, core and balance!

Jonny had me perform this move in one of his strength classes, and although it was challenging, I could feel it.

There are so many variations of a Single Arm Row Exercise that I have performed, but not like this one!

How to:

  • Using a 12-24″ Plyo Box or Fitness Bench, place your RIGHT knee to the edge of the box/bench.
  • Your left leg is extended, as parallel as it can from the box.
  • Your RIGHT arm will hold a Dumbbell or Kettlebell to perform the ROW
  • Keep your core engaged to sustain balance, your shoulders back and your extended leg lifted (do not let your leg drop)

Perform 10-12 reps on each side 2-3 sets

Another variation to the BirdDog row is the single leg 1 arm row:

If you have trouble being on your knee while performing this exercise- Do a Single Leg 1 Arm Row- You can lift the same leg as the arm rowing in this exercise

Check it out:

BirdDog Row

& variation of the single leg

Make it right get it tight!!!



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