Moringa leaves

I heard about Dr. Pearson by way of my husband- I have always been skeptical about any supplements/herbs that you purchase whether if its from a store or from a person. I guess it came from the fact that after taking a one a day womens supplement years ago, I started getting sick after taking them, and never took anything like that again. It wasn’t until I heard about Dr. Pearson, that I slowly but surely started to get to know him and the work he has done for others through his holistic approach/background and pure knowledge on everything he does. It wasn’t until I met him a couple years ago, that I KNEW I trusted in his approach and belief in the holistic way of using God’s nature, that I would start implementing more into my lifestyle. Just speaking with him and seeing his work, first hand is one thing. Dr. Pearson is 72 years young and I couldn’t believe it!! Everything that he grows and formulates he knows about to the tee, and has used for himself as well.


Anywho, on our recent trip to Florida we stopped to see Dr. Pearson. He gave us a tour around his property, and I was very interested to learn about some of what he grows in his very backyard.  I had mentioned to him that I had been drinking a lot more water and tea for more beneficial factors, and that’s when he introduced me to the MORINGA TREE. He told me that Moringa tree is one of THE most nutrient packed there is, and provides so many beneficial factors that range from immune system booster, weight loss, protects against free radicals, to protects and nourishes hair/skin and nails. I learned I could actually use the moringa leaves to make tea!!!

Dr. Pearson was so kind and generous that he actually cut several moringa branches off for me to use when I decided to make my Moringa tea!


Dr. Pearson’s Moringa Tree- Also known as the Drumstick Tree
Dr. Pearson suggested that when making tea with Moringa leaves, that you steep with both the stem and leaves to provide the most nutrients- Leaves are to be dry before steeping.


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