Monday Madness

No exaggerating on the title! Mondays are usually for me but this Monday was insane! It felt like i didnt stop working from 7:45a until after 5p. I usually start my workouts by 430 so i have enough time to get out and get my babies by 545. I didnt start my workout until 5:20 and because I hadn’t planned on being at work so late, the workout that I had planned for today was out the window so the best thing to do instead of make the excuse to skip today was ┬ácondensed my original workout plan into a tabata workout.



Glad 2 did! 2, 4 minutes rounds with exercises i knew would push me, did the trick.

Round 1

Jump rope

Squat jumps


Plank hold


Round 2

Jump rope

Plank inchworm

Ali Shuffle

Alternate VUps