Journey back to FIT, Monday Madness ft. Rey Rey

So Mondays are my VERY LONG days…I get home around 7:30pish and then  get into my mommy mode. Somewhere from the transition of coming from being a Wellness Director into Mommy mode, I magically get a second wind.  Washing bottles, help daddy wherever he needs it with the kids (since he has been watching them while I’m at work late), help feed them,  getting the babies bathed ready for bed and putting clothes out for tomorrow.

Now after all that is completed, I find some little time for me, and part of that is staying disciplined and consistent with my journey back to FIT.

Well this particular Monday, Rey Rey just didn’t want to eat her dinner, so I said “Fine, I’m going to go downstairs to get a quick workout in”….

SIDENOTE: Right now I am choosing to do my workouts in my basement to show others, you can get a good workout in without using any equipment, right inside your home.  I will migrate into my 4Star Fit Lab soon though!!

….anywho, as I’m heading downstairs, Rey yells, “I want to come with you Mommy!” Without hesitation I say lets go honey. When we get downstairs, I grab her a couple books and her mini sofa to sit and keep herself entertained while I get my exercise routine in. I knew she would watch, but little did I know she would want to participate!

I usually try and edit my videos by playing adding music to the workout, but I just could not do it, and wanted yall to hear the candid conversations we had.

I did 3 sets of this workout. I chose to share SET 1 and SET 3 so you could see the difference in her participation. LOL

Now, when I want to get something done, I get focused and like to keep it moving, but this time I just let things roll with my baby. I let her do her own thing, and she was excited, plus she’s miss independent at times, LOL. She felt a part of it all, and as much as I was focused on getting my workout done, I was excited and proud of her.  I noticed that the way I stationed this setting with her books and sofa, how it got her involved with exercise but also in reading (what she loves to do) So if she just happened not to be interested in one thing at that moment, she would be interested in the other.

After each set, she would grab her sippy cup and walk around chugging down her water like she done ran a 400m dash. Lol By the time SET 3 came…well…you see what happened. LOL

When we were finished, and got upstairs, she was ready to eat!! LOL.  After she ate…guess what…NIGHT NIGHT…Out like a light. LOL

I must say, even though I try to get some me time when it comes to some of my workouts, my baby is more than welcomed!! I enjoyed her company.