MIRGIT Thursday

This was the week of workout improv because that’s exactly how it went even when it wasn’t intended. Today, work at the job got pretty busy and I got caught up and didn’t get to my workout until 5pm, when that’s usually the time I am done!!

Honestly, sometimes I like the spur of the moment changes, as long as I have a quick plan that is smart and will still be effective to me.

What was intended for todays workout was suppose to be in the weight room, but because I was behind in time, I made it into a circuit style training, decreasing my rest time. Most of the exercises that you see in this circuit are what I do in the weight room, but heavier. Some of the other exercises I supplemented.

I still did the same amount of sets (3) but the reps varied- the rep count was either 100, 50, or 10 reps.

I was able to challenge myself, get my face rosy, and sweat. Mission was accomplished. Still made it in good time to get the kiddos.

Its ok to change it up or simply improv, just make sure it makes sense and always supports the goals you are going for. Train smart!!