Mint Leaves and the benefits

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I used the Mint Leaves in my Green Tea I brewed
Straight from the garden- Mint leaves

A few of the Mint Leave benefits

Source provided from Brandi Marcene

Mint Leaves health benefits includes aiding digestion, treat dizziness, treating nausea, treating headaches, treating nasal congestion, improving dental health, preventing dandruff and head lice, relieving nipple pain due to breastfeeding, act as colic in infants and improving blood circulation, relieving muscle pain, enhancing the skin, promoting eye health, supporting weight loss and boosting immunity.


Consuming fresh mint leaves can help stimulate the salivary glands in your mouth and trigger the glands responsible for increased bile secretions that aid in faster digestion.

Helps Weight Loss

Mint stimulates the digestion of fat. It acts as a trigger for digestive enzymes to quickly absorb food nutrients and convert them into usable energy.

Relieves Muscle Pain

Mint leaves can be used to relieve muscle pain because it contain antispasmodics agents. These agents relax inflamed or tense muscles, with its cooling properties also contributing to its efficacy. Mint also relieves intestinal muscle spasms, and explains its utility in digestive disorders.

Improves Dental Health

Cosmetic manufacturers incorporate mint in various oral care products because of its benefits to dental health.

Chewing on mint leaves is helpful in alleviating pain caused by toothaches. Mint has antiseptic properties that treat infections as well as a chemical called chlorhexidine; a potent anti-microbial compound which prevents bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. Many teeth whitening products also contain mint as one of their primary ingredients.

All in all, if you like the taste of mint, consider adding mint to your nutritional routine to gain some minty benefits and get in “mint condition” 😉



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