Mind Games

I have mentioned this before in one of my parent and Kid blogs, but I feel it is a need to share for a health and Fit Tip!

Within my career I’ve come across and worked with plenty of people who suffer from being clinically depressed or some form of emotional distress. I firmly believe that community and support is very much needed to help One another through our journey. 

On another note, I think that having a fun hobby is a great way to help cope, refocus, and stress relieve to bridge the gap throughout our journeys. One of my favorite hobbies I like to take on during my leisure time is what I like to call mine games! Mind games includes crossword puzzles, puzzles and a couple new app I found called Wordscapes and Word Search.

When I know I have a puzzle to do I get excited. I believe that having a hobby such as this in place of just doing nothing, decreases chances of having an idle mind. We all know when an idle mind happens it’s usually no positive thoughts.

I recommend finding a “mind game” to include as a hobby. It does a mind good!

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating this kind of hobby:

  • Releases Stress
  • Can improve your vocabulary 
  • Enhances your ability and skill in problem solving 
  • Improves mental health 
  • Increases brain functionality such as increased speed of thinking and speech
This is a new mind game I’ve been playing each day and I love it! Its called WORDSCAPES
This is a new app I found of crosswords so I’ll be trying this one soon too!

Side note: I can attest to all those benefits above!

Find yourself a crossword puzzle or a fun word game app! You’ll be happy you did!!



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