Mental Toughness

How many of you might relate to the above mentioned? I know I can, plenty of times. I think it’s very important to talk about as it deals with overall health. 

I wanted to entitle this blog mental toughness because everything we are surrounded by, all the Responsibilities that we currently have and responsibilities we end up taking on, can bear down on us when the pressure is on. 

The title of this blog is not about how tough you can be Dealing with mental health, it’s more so about how tough our mental dimension can be on a person.

When the November and December month of the season rolls around it seems like things get the craziest- So much to do and so little time. 

As much as I absolutely love December Because of the specific reason for the season it’s also bittersweet as well, and this is where the mental toughness becomes apparent. 

It seems like right when the New Year gets close, so many people pass away right before they have the chance to celebrate the holidays with their families. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Those working in the corporate world, around this time, especially in management, are wrapping up all kinds of year end stats, performance reviews and preparing to go into the new year. 

I have been boggled down with reviews, being responsible for a huge project, Making sure clients are taken care of, taking on new clients And the list goes on. 

Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, when it feels like everything is baring down on you heavy, it can have you feeling extremely overwhelmed, and emotional. 

As I knew this season was approaching I had to start mentally preparing myself and figure out tactics that would help keep me lifted up when I would feel like going into that dark place. 

I knew that if I put too much on myself and didn’t prioritize and manage my time that things would start falling apart.

A dark place reminds me of that moment of getting caught staring in space and someone is snapping their fingers trying to “snap” you out of whatever you are fixated on. 

For me, It really is all about prioritizing my time, then managing my time. Knowing what is most important because if you don’t do that you will get caught up And find yourself…. staring into space, a dark space. 

But I have some encouraging news…I was Listening to a Christian song and heard the lyrics, “Over all who mourn, breaks the dawn of salvation, darkness reigns no more, for Jesus is greater…!!!” What good and encouraging news to know Jesus is always with me and will provide the light when I’m staring into darkness?!

So when the unfortunate, crazy, unpredictable, overwhelming times occur and you start to feel yourself get caught in that dark trap, set your eyes on the one who will always have the light. 



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