Mental Exercise is important too!!

Taking the kids outdoors is so important so they can try and use the energy they have balled up. I love watching them play and just enjoy the open space to run.

Outside of getting them to utilize their energy, I have introduced hobbies I use to do as a little girl. Interestingly enough, they love them too. The 3 I keep in the house are:

Simon Says

  1. Simon Says- I was introduced to this game between the age of 7-10. I remember when I first used it, I was geeked and anticipating what challenge Simon Says would give me. I just kept playing it over and over. It made it even better when I played it at night because the lights shined bright. Although its intended for kids ages 7 and up, my daughter, who is 4, loves playing it and it doing well. My son, who is 2, is moreso attracted by the colors and sounds.
  2. Puzzles- I played with puzzles mainly at my grandparents. They always had them at their house for the grandchildren. Of course it would be the 500 pieces box, but I was so intriqued to put them together to match up what the box picture showed. It was very strategic and I learned the ins and outs of how to put puzzles together. Now, I purchase small box puzzles from the dollar store, and they love putting them together. Now my mother and I are teaching them little by little how to strategically put them together.
  3. Crossword puzzles- I fell in love with crossword puzzles because my grandmother always had crossword puzzle books all over her house. She taught me how to do it. Now if we go out to eat, and we get the kids menu, my daughter loves doing the crosswords they have.

All three of these above were childhood hobbies of mind that truly helped increase focus, learn strategy, and patience. As my kids grow, these are some of the principles I would love for them to learn by using some of these fun tools.



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