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Welcome to Volume 1 4Star Fit Book! This Fit “Book” is created to dive into 4 chapters (weeks) of your health and fitness journey!

Follow Crystal as she leads you through this 4 week journey “chapter by chapter” (week to week) helping YOU to become the best version of you

Your 4Star Fit Book will also include:

  1. Weekly Affirmations provided in the workout videos
    • Crystal shares some of her favorite motivating and encouraging affirmations to get our minds right for the workout!
  2. 12  total body workout routines- 3 workouts a week for 4 weeks
    • Each workout video will include; Warm-Up, a 2 or 3 round Workout, and Mobility Cool Down Stretching
    • Total Body Progressive exercises week to week
    • Most exercises within workout routines will include High and low impact options
    • ¬†Workout routine length average 30 minutes (some more, some less)
  3. Weekly Nutritious and Delicious Recipes
    • Recipes are provided by a Registered Dietitian, focusing on keto friendly, antioxidant packed, gut health, and heart health type recipes
  4. A Video Consultation Guide
    • 18 min video, Crystal takes you through the nutritional materials, highlighting important areas of focus to be successful through the program
  5. 4 week Nutrition plan, nutrition journal, and nutritional supportive materials
    • All document materials can be printed to follow

What you will need for the 4Star Fit Book Vol. 1 Program:

  1. Pair of Dumbbells or water bottles/jugs –
    • dumbbell weight depends on your current fitness level- can range as low as 3-5lbs or as high as 10-20lb for certain exercises
  2. Chair (no wheels)
    • Used for any modifications or assisted exercises when needed


Get ready to open a new chapter as you start on your journey into this 4Star Fit Book Volume 1

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