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You have selected the DIY Make It Right, Get It Tight CORE Fitness Program- The Core Floor membership level.

This Core Floor Program is a 4 week program that involves 3 different core routines performed on the floor with the exception of one of the routines that will utilize either a chair or bench.

All 3 routines are to be performed on non-consecutive days.

This program allows you to follow the program on your own, provided with the tools and resources to stay on track.

In addition to the workouts, you will receive a nutritional guide that outlines how to prepare, get and stay focused through your program. You will also be provided with a demonstration video and worksheet for each core routine, that tell how many reps sets and/or time to complete for each exercise.

These are the following 3 Core routines:

  1. The Band Routine– Using a band loop (optional) you will perform 4 different exercises that target your hip flexors and lower and upper abdominals.
  2. The Elevator Routine– 4 All body weight abdominal moves that target your abdominals.
  3. The Plank Variation Routine– 6 body weight plank variations that will involve the entire core while utilizing a chair or bench for each exercise.

During the 4 week time period, you has access to contact Crystal through Marco Polo, Google Duo and email for support, motivation, and any questions you may have to help you during the program.

The benefit to this 4 week program is once you have officially completed your first 4 weeks, you have the flexibility to follow the 4 weeks again taking it up a notch and challenge yourself more than you did before.

***To view your resources and videos for this program, you will visit Scroll to the program you purchased and it will provide all the MEMBER ACCESS information you need.

The price for membership is $40.00 now. Customers in OH will be charged 5.75% tax.

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