Paul began his journey at the age of 70

Changed his LIFEstyle completely around



“Crystal began as my personal trainer on August 15, 2011. That was the beginning of one of the most beneficial relationships of my life.

At then 210 Lbs. carrying my wife’s laundry basket upstairs left me out of breath. My appearance was embarrassing. The training program included measurements of body composition. My engineering profession had taught me to be skeptical of any claims unless there is supporting data. By May 23, 2012 body fat had declined from 73.5 Lbs. to 37.0Lbs. During the same period lean weight, muscle, increased from 136.5 to 146.6 Lbs. Body weight dropped to 183.6 Lbs. and waist went from 49 to 40 inches and hips from 44 to 38.5 inches My doctor ultimately eliminated diabetes and blood pressure medications. The laundry basket was easy to carry.
The training program was always friendly and personalized to my specific situation as abilities gradually kept improving. It was never like army boot camp. Crystal’s presence, technique and personality are motivational. In my opinion, the program was the best bargain of my life. My appearance, self-esteem and habits improved, leaving me with knowledge and ability to self-correct in the event of a relapse.”