Maria is that deal- I gotta be Innovative

So I like to be creative when I put workouts together. One of my good friends and Zumba Instructors at the Eric Snow YMCA asked if I would train her on Friday Fitness. She works SO hard and puts EVERYTHING she has into her routines when she teaches. So what I thought I would do is incorporate what she loves doing into the Full body workout she asked for!

The goal I had set out for her was to complete a full circuit routine of weights, then head into the studio, choose a song she enjoys teaching during class, and for 2 minutes rock it out. Once she finished the routine she would complete her full round of a workout with TRX ab routine.

Let me tell you something….This girl did that!


Just wanted to share her Zumba portion. As she danced, I kept her motivated to stay focused and WORK IT! She did just that.


Great job girl.