Making Strides 2015 Oct. 25th

Today we participated yet again in the Making Strides to fight Breast Cancer walk. Our 2nd year (Rey and I) taking part (Hubby’s 4th)! Another 5k under the belt! As we headed back towards the finish line, daddy carried Rey most of the way, but for The last 15-20 yards we walked hand and hand through the balloon finish line!

1st year Making Strides event- Rey was about 2 mths!
2nd year- Rey is 13 mths! She was well aware of the event this time as she boogied to the music that played. She enjoyed herself a lot!
Left the stroller at the bottom &Made our way up the Monument steps- I believe it was 4-5 flights of steps. Look at that view!
Daddy carrying her most of the way back towards the finish line. She did not want to sit in the stroller any longer (don’t blame her) She wanted to be up and out in the view like everyone else!