Making Smoothies And A Parents Journey of Patience

I came to Grips that there will be more times than none that I will be able to hide from my children and do my own thing. Everyone who is a parent knows being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities Time and patience. We all know that but living through it is always the test.

For anyone who’s following me for a length of time knows that I shared that I love getting my make it right get it tight workout in and I prefer to do them on my own because I get in true focus mode. 

Well, with my kiddos all that is thrown out the window. I have learned so much patience just in that aspect but the new thing I am learning is to learn to just stop and teach when my babies really want to learn how to do it. My daughter really has shown that she enjoys working out with me and just recently, so has my son. But with my daughter, she tends to get very frustrated if she can I get an exercise right which frustrates me because now I have to stop what I’m doing to calm her down. I gave her two options either she does something else, doesn’t work out at all or calms down enough for me to show her how to do it.

You will see in this clip this very scenario. 

I am appreciating the fact that I am having more patience and taking the time to sew into my kiddos when they really want to learn and accept the fact that if they aren’t there yet with how I am teaching that they are still going to pout. I still have to keep pressing forward and know that they will get it one day without allowing myself to stay frustrated. 

please enjoy 😉

My Journey of Patience

On the nutritious and delicious side, I decided to whip up a smoothie for them. Something I knew they would enjoy making with momma and hopefully enjoy tasting. 

Results from this video… Bubs enjoyed actually finished it. Rey on the other hand, wasn’t feeling it LOL🤷🏽‍♀️

Surprisingly, both of them asked for me to make a smoothie again the very next day, but this time, in Rey’s favor, I added a splash of cherry tart juice in the mix and it did the trick. 

Stare thinking me and a sprinkle of Matcha to add some green to it. 

Overall, with some trial and error, a thumbs up from the kids as a refreshing and healthy beverage to have especially during these warm/hot months. 

Check it out!

Making Smoothies



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