Make It Right, Get It Tight Challenge and Health Tip

For your 4Star Fit tip you are about to view, it is solely for increase of stamina and core strength. 

The goal is to try and challenge yourself to keep rest short from one exercise to the other. Why?  keep the momentum going but also to test where your cardiovascular level is.

Once you get your heart rate up after doing some of the exercises it can stay at an elevated level. 

Short rest levels depends on each person’s current stamina level. 

For some, taking five seconds in between each exercise is going to keep them challenged but for others it could be 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. Whichever rest period you choose Between exercises, choose one that will push you and not break the momentum. 

There are six different exercises that equal one round. Goal is to complete 3!

For those who are uncomfortable with jumping or physically not capable, you can definitely do it without any high impact. 

Volleyball reaches- keep feet planted 

Speed skaters- step side to side

Mtn Climbers- Step right foot forward and back then do the same with the left foot 

High knees- March in Place

Get ready to Make it Right, Get it tight!!

Stamina/Core Routine

Health Tip:

Did you know Fact Provided by Molly Linek, RD: 

Did you know?

Cashews will never be sold in a shell !  Why?

Psst…the cashew is never raw!  The cashew is found inside a hard shell that contains a toxic oil.   The cashew has to be steamed or roasted in order to inactivate the poison. Therefore cashews will never nor should they, be sold in their shell nor are they actually RAW.



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