Make it Creative Outdoors with your little ones!


My Rey of sunshine & I did 2 miles worth of work doing ins & outs on the track. 1 mile of it was running.
Mommies & daddies who like doing activities/exercise outdoors, find a track or park with nice trails. However, anyone can walk or run for exercise, how about making it alil creative by adding a thing or two with your run or walks?!
The first 4 laps were strictly walk 100 meters, run 100. After that, the last 4 laps, we added a circuit into it. The sequence went. Walk 100, run 100 then do squats facing Rey. Walk 100, run 100, then do pushups facing Rey (purpose was to make my honey feel as included as possible).
The great thing about it all was as we were doing our workout 3 other families came on the track with their children to do some sort of exercise. It was awesome. One of the mother’s eventually started doing a circuit similar to what I was doing.

I love it!!